[MOD] Call of Duty 2 Sound Mod v1.1

Version v1.1

  • Fixed PPSh and MP40 reloading sound bugs
  • Made mosins sound a bit louder
  • Added PPS42 sounds

It’s back! I finally patched my sound mod. It seems that an update broke it at some point.

Experience the nostalgic thrill of classic warfare with the ‘Call of Duty 2 Sound Mod’ for Enlisted! Immerse yourself in the iconic gunplay of one of gaming’s most beloved titles as you hear the familiar crackle of gunfire and the satisfying clink of reloading straight from Call of Duty 2. Transform your Enlisted experience into a blast from the past with this faithful recreation of audio ambiance, enhancing every firefight with a touch of vintage authenticity.

Here’s a non-exhaustive list of all the guns:
BAR + Reload
M1 Carbine
Enfield + Reload
Gewehr 41
Gewehr 43
M3 Grease Gun
Kar98k + Reload
M1 Garand + Reload
Browning 30. Cal MG
MG34 (had to improvise)
Mosin-Nagant + Reload
MP40 + Reload
M1903 Springfield + Reload
Sten + Reload
Thompson Gun + Reload
Here is the mediafire link:

Enlisted Sandbox:

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use pcm 82 encoding if you want to fix the broken m1903 sounds i see in your video

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