Medic squad & medic related suggestions for improvement with the merge insight

a bit of context:

another thread about medics.

i’m not gonna lie, the medic squad it’s quite possibly one of my favorite squad.

but, in most occasions, it’s lacking primarily due to the squad composition, and others needed changes.

this time though, i’ll aim to make it simple and quick.

Main Suggestion

to start off, i’ll cover the medic changes that i would love to see.

here are the following changes that i would love to see for the individual medics soldiers

  • allow the medic customization in other squads too
  • allow medics to refill syringes through medical boxes at the expense of 1 / 2 medkit cost or a time cool down from that said boxes.
  • allow medic to use more variety of rifleman weapons ( such as Kar 98s, Mosins Varients, Svts, Gewehers, Mannlinchers etc ) but NO FGs, NO AVTS, NO M2S etc.
  • allow medics to revive with heavy colldowns time or at the expense of medkits
Explanation and my reasoning on " why?"
  1. well, first of all, i would love to have my medic personell looking actually like medics. even if that means a huge red target on my soldier head.
    i’m tired of seeing my soldiers without the red helmets, or the overcoat in others squads that are not the base medic. at the same time, for people who still prefers the " undercovered " medics, let them do it too.

  2. another problem that i often run when defending an objective, is that majority of the time, despite having others 4 medics, i inevitably run out of syringes. and it would be really apreciated if i could replenish them through the medical box ( as… after all it’s an actual medical box. who doesn’t carry syringes in them? ) either by taking 1 or 2 medkits of cost from that said chest to make it realistic and still balanced / fair.
    or, if we wanna go for a more arcady route yet somewhat balanced, put a cooldown of 1 minut before being able to refill syringes.

P.s. i’m well aware of the " more syringe " perks. and all of my medics have it. but believe it or not, i end syringes anyway.

especially as i’m always at the front, taking cover, shooting and healing the allies.

which would be fair and still allows to do my job as long i can have some sort of cooldowns between me actually going to a medical box and refill my syringes to then go back to the front and heal others soldiers.

  1. and lastly, i was very disappointed by the fact that medics are essentially assaulters type I with no ability to chose semi auto rifles or the lack of selection of type of bolt actions rifles other than the default one.

  2. for medic reviving, i’m highly against it to be fair. i find that too much arcady. but, many people asked for it, so i decided to include it.

personally, i think the challenge is in the medic him self to aid more soldiers when they are alive rather than becoming a necromancer and somehow bring the dead alive. but, those are just my opinion.
and i understand the medic of in it self it’s also arcady being able to heal soldiers that were 2 seconds ago somewhat toested on the bring of becoming ashes. or somehow bring on their feet like nothing happened soldiers with serious injuries and what not.

Squad Suggestions and other improvements on squad management related:

  • transform the medic squad layout similar to a sniper or anti tank squad layout and include some others specializations too inside

this is just an example, doesn’t have to be final, or this one. it’s up to devs. just to give an idea:

( hence, increase the total member of the squad and reduce the medic pool number to 3 )

  • edit older squad of others campaign to accommodate medics
  • ( optional ) add a medic selection squad specialization to bikers
  • ( optional ) allow players to buy a second medic squad ( for more specialization of those who desire to do so )

reasoning behind the following choices are mostly to make medic squads similar to others squads ( up to devs which ) in terms of versatility ( while not sover-tepping bounds that they shouldn’t cross ).
additionally, as players have more than 30 squads, would be cool if they can modify some of them by adding medics to them if they need / want to do so.
( i was thinking to make the medic squads similar or identical to the anti tank squad or snipers. as they both have in common the ability to have 3 base class role and 2 additional roles. for an engineer, or what have you while having a bit more numbers. but they don’t have to. again, transforming it like sniper roles will do just nicely )

and additionally, even though, not entirely needed, being able to buy more medic squads.


so yeah, more options and choices to make medics more valuable, effective, and somewhat different to what we have.

also, keep in mind that, the medic class is very situation. and should not become an ever green or flexible for all situations.

and, to be frank with y’all, majority of those changes were made in mind to suit my own PVEs or eventual pves. therefore might not ideal for pvps 100% of the times.
but, i 'd argue somewhat better than what we have.

and at the same time, trying to include others campaigns as well with our favorite squads etc.

and that is all from me.


anyone is free to comment or discuss for improvements rather than " medics are useless " etc.
that would be apreciated. ( p.s. i know this topic has been discussed from such a long time, but not many improvements have been made since medics were introduced in SG… accentuated even more with the fact that were introduced in the pacific )


My random suggestions/ideas:

Once the medic is around, any soldier could heal faster by his own.
And if he heals near a med boxu, it doesn’t cost him medkits to do so (or medics could finally get an engineer that could build a structure with the effect I just mentioned)

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I don’t think so. HLL, PS, Squad, Arma all are far more realistic than enlisted and they all have revive mechanics (with some restrictions like no headshot or explosion death).


arma ace is lit

I like medics influencing the ticket pool. Reclaiming back lives, as it were…actually or representatively


My input, remove medic squad and class and add the medic bag as option for rifleman

In a game bots dying like flies and no one gives a f…, medic is totall useless.

I do care about my baby bots. :pleading_face::frowning:


just like your comment?

btw, good reading skill capabilities.
or rather, lack there of.

another thing for medic squad: add an engie who can build a small structure like…mmmnh a basic medical camp for refill the box for medics and heal neary allies slowly


Whenever I play as Medic I entirely focus on their role of healing the team

I have a famous story of a very intense Stalingrad defense battle where I was hiding in the bathroom in that house objected with a Soviet marine reviving and healing him


I have a similar situation in the period in which Japan was weakened and the Americans were on top (and a few weeks later Japan became powerful for a time) where with my squad of doctors I kept several players alive, one of them having insulted me. for playing as a doctor