Didn’t we get a tease about mechs last year at April Fools Day?

The zombie thing has been overdone and overused I think we are better with an SCP kind of scenario

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You can only speak in your name.
I love WW2 zombies!


i think scp is too op man i mean we know most scp are immune to normal weapon. Like most of them are either super fast or super strong

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You are just mad that the Zombies will be Nazis as usual. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Germany suffers.

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If it’s to handle the SCP that would make more sense instead of more zombie stuff

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That works in some cases but when we look at DF alternate universe I think we’re better with the SCP kind of scenario

Sorry buddy but we don’t have the licence for that.


One thing is certain tho once Erika got online she (i will not believe it still) will definitely know which map this is.



I think this one will work for what we’re looking for

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if you look is munda point based, you can notice the hole of the cave who are on fire(?), but the setting is eastern european

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is that the one that vomit egg? if so i heard that it have tough skin but that was like 2 year ago last time i remember

true unfortunately

It’s the one that lays lots of eggs and they mass produce quickly so I think we can kill them but we’ll have to work together

No munda dont have that russian style house. that why i thought it was moscow map beside there is a lot of tank trap and trench

ten forum is slow for me today

April Fool’s Day activities? World War II zombies?

Better if we have a massive infection so all sides are infected so we have a reason to work together

what if it like everyone spawn and they got like 20 sec before a random person become a zombie? kinda like how cod mobile and halo do it?

i would like more something like cod zombie, tot player togheter need survive until they can

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