[Map] Russian Civil War - Voskhod Landings

Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to present to you a project that has been in the works for over 50 days. This project has been set back numerous times, but in spite of all these faults, they have been fixed, and now it is ready for release.

The Russian Civil War mod of 1918 everybody!
Link: https://sandbox.enlisted.net/post/Sy2Aq8bfux7R9e0W/

This mod has everything you need, infantry, wide variety of weapons and factions, armored cars, tanks, and airplanes! To top it off, the map is an 8-point invasion taking place in the old town of Voskhod. So buckle up and get ready, because in this post, I will digress everything that I have put into this mod.

Background Information

Since 1917, the Russian Empire has been in a Civil War between the Bolsheviks, led by Vladimir Lenin, and the Whites, who wish to keep the Imperial Duma (Parliament), and restore Alexander Kerensky to power. (Kerensky formed a liberal government after Tsar Nicholas II abidcated in 1917, but was overthrown by Lenin).

At the same time, the deadliest war in Europe, World War I, was still ongoing, with Germany and Austria fighting multiple fronts against the Entente, and they were soon about to surrender. Complex political situations involving Russia have convinced the Allies to back the Whites in order to keep the situation in check, and to prevent the Bolsheviks from interfering in World War I. Starting in March 1918, the Allies landed in numerous locations in Russia, with the most important ones at the towns of Arkhangelsk and Vladivostok.

Around November 1918, the Allies made a fair advance into Russian territory, and helped the Whites push towards Moscow. At the same time, Germany surrendered, ending World War I and freeing up resources. It is at this time that the Allies think it strategic to land troops at the town of Voskhod, along the Dvina River.

The Town of Voskhod

Voskhod, founded in 1887 along the N. Dvina River, was primarily an agircultural town, growing apples and using pine trees for lumber. The town slowly expanded, with orchards being common amongst the town.

Voskhod Town Hall in 1905, the building to the right would be removed in 1913

In 1902, Earth Houses were built for farm workers, in order to save space from building houses. Alexy Maisky, a key propagater of apples, managed the orchards and kept them running to produce the town revenue. However the town’s location on the Dvina River made it a target for the Bolsheviks in September 1918, when they took over the town and began fortifying it with trenches and barricades.

Apples Orchards in Voskhod

After the Russian Civil War, the new Soviet Union would take the town and transform it from an agricultural town into a prison camp, with cells and barbed wire replacing the apple trees and plots of soil. The town would be renamed The Voskhod Settlement of Free Labor, which is the map that is currently in Enlisted.

Alexy Maisky would flee the town, and eventually open up a lumber mill in the area, which is the Maisky Forestry, another Enlisted map.

The Allied Landings

In November 1918, the Allies decide that it would be a good decision to transport troops from Arkhangelsk down the N. Dvina River to Voskhod. Numerous countries participate in this operation, as capturing this town would open the way to Moscow for the Whites, as they would have control over the roads and nearby railways.

Countries that send troops are:
White Russia
New Zealand
South Africa

Paramilitary factions join in, primarily the Freikorps and the Czech Legion. The Murmansk Legion, a regiment of Finnish Soldiers in the Royal Navy, also assist in the Operation. The large troop ship HMT Olympic has been called for this operation, as she is large enough to carry troops to the area of the landings. Destroyers and floatplane carriers have also been called to assist in the operation.

HMT Olympic in Russia during the operation

On the day of the landings, the Allies experience little resistance, and establish camp outside the small townlet of Ust’-Pinega, where they regroup. Soviet batteries open fire the next day, and manage to sink a destroyer.

Soviet Forces in the area are:
Russian S.F.S.R
Soviet Navy
Russian Chemical Weapons Brigade
Ukrainian SSR
Belarusian SSR
Latvian SSR
Chinese Communists
Peasant Volunteers
Far Eastern Republic (Siberians)

The Allied commanders think it time to carry out the operation and capture Voskhod. This is where the mod beings.

The Game Itself

With enough background information being given, it’s time to delve into the details of the mod itself!

The map is an 8-point invasion, and spans across a small town and most of what most people know as the Voskhod Settlement. Numerous squads have been added, meant to immerse the player in the war itself.

The operation and town itself is entirley fictional, but it is based off of real events occuring at this time. Factions such as Japan or Italy were also not present in the area at the time, at least not for a while, however I added them for the purposes of immersion and creative liberty (What are you gonna do if you get mad, sue me?)

A wide variety of weapons have been added, along with numerous squads, each part of a different faction, with uniforms that try to recreate what would have been used at the time.

There are numerous settings, from suburban, open forest, farms, and small towns. There is enough for everybody to like in this map. The mod has been tuned to make it balanced as possible, with the Allies and Bolsheviks each getting near same equipment, and having a near balanced map.

Enough talking from me, allow me to show you previews of the mod!

New Zealand Soldier carrying a Lewis Gun

American Soldier laying suppressive fire

Chinese Volunteer fighting for the Bolsheviks

South African Boer in Russia

Siberian defending an Ammo depot

Bolshevik Air Raid

Japanese Soldier protecting a wounded British Soldier

French Chasseur firing at the Soviets

French Fusilier

White Russians firing an 88mm mortar

Freikorps plane and Bolshevik plane begin firing

The end result, both planes resort to ramming each other

British Coldstream Guard

Russian modification a captured FT Renault

Ukrainian Soldier at Voskhod (taken from beta version, hence the bugged barn in the background)

Soviet Sailor firing a Tovarnitski Flamethrower

Former Imperial Russian with a Mosin-Nagant

Ukranian Armored Car

Soviet Pilot with a Remington 1889

Friekorps Soldiers with Gewehr 98s

Australian Troops at an ammo depot

British Coldstream Guard firing a Hay Flamethrower

Czech Soldiers with a 7.5 cm artillery gun

American Soldiers with an FT Renault

Well that’s about all I can show you, the rest you’ll have to find out yourself for when you play the mod!

Thanks for reading, and let me know if you have any thoughts!


Awesome mod man! Nice to see that you got the problems fixed and it works now. Still there were some slight errors i found in the map. If you could fix them it would be greatly appreciated!

I dont know if flak 88s existed back then

Cart is inside the house

House is floating a bit

Fences are floating

Ammo box floating

One of the shacks generated inside the church

The debris next to church is floating

Cart has sunken underground

Flak 88 inside a house

Ammo boxes half sunken to the floor

Some of the hedgehogs were floating

Bugged windows

Weird fence

This thing

Tree inside a building

Zis 5 trucks

Tree growing inside a log

Tree growing from the roof

Tree inside a house

Grass on the floor

Tree noclipping into a house

This door wont open

Bushes in water


Also i noticed that my AI got stuck often in these destroyable houses

Also a really wierd bug i encountered:
I tried to be on the attacker side so it would be easier to explore the map but the game always puts me in the defender tesm no matter what i do

Also the bots get stuck a lot

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  1. Fences are floating, but that’s due to the brokenness of the Volokolamsk Autumn map, I’ll fix those though.

  2. The error with you being chosen on the defenders side is with Enlisted. All you have to do is join the defender side, then swap over to the attacking side.

  3. I don’t know what it is about the bots, as I have fixed the NavMesh, but I’ll try again.

Thank you for bringing these visual errors to my attention.

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Mod has been fixed, visual scenery improved, size reduced from 32 to 25 MB by removing 2 loading images. There are now only 7 loading images instead of 9.


Really cool-looking mod, and I know how much time was put into it! I’ll be trying it out soon :smile:


Really good picture that picted the action of a war.

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Hello, could you give a custom profile (link to .json) of their units

I’m sorry, you want me to share the .json file that I used to tell you the units?

That’s just asking for it to be stolen.

Essentially that’s just giving away 31 days of labor.

I can give you all a guide on which units belong to which county they belong to.