It's super clear that we need a 3rd test for the merge right?

I just clicking around for no more than 1 hour.
And here’re the bug reports I filled.
And I didnt even bother to check matchmaking. And squad techtree desyncs.


Yes, we are only testing environment now. There are still BRs left to test.

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BR aka the balance testing… Maybe need another one after dev fixing lots of squad preference mismatch.
BTW… Enlisted’s tech tree is bind with BR? Can they easily move them around (or change the research sequence)?

as far as i have bee told by @Euthymia07 ( correct me if i’m wrong )

THIS IS the br.

like, this map system replaces the br.

even though, it’s still not very clear to me.

because she also said that your best equipment dictate where you’ll go and how much stronger your opponents will be.

so if you go in normandy with the bare minimum, you won’t face full tryhard with stgs etc ( unlike right now in the test )

so i suppose it is somewhat of a br, but… not really?

also yeah, not final as some things needs adjustment, but it’s… kinda vague the balance they are going after

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Test server really isn’t a final build. But I really do not think we need third test server.


Developer said that matchmaking is related to environment (IS-2 in Berlin, not in Stalingrad), not to equipment of other players.

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Your equipment only affects your preferred/undesired maps, it does not have an affect on the equipment of the enemy team

My only hope that they reconsider their decision and use BR system, because map restriction one is down right bad
Also i hope that they won’t rush the update after such a backlash


Why? The feedback is mostly positive. The idea is good, just poor implementation.



that was a lie


non so il motivo della rimozione del BR ma penso sia dovuto dal fatto che avrebbe comunque forzato uptier e downtier mischiando l’equipaggiamento quindi hanno switchato a qualcosa di piu semplice

At least 2 more it’s not going to come out before 2024 that’s for sure.

i guess you haven’t read any posts :joy:

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There are like 3 posts, 2 of them are made by ranting casuals. One of them even thought M2 carbine never participated in ww2 lmao.

Basically the same kind of people who would review bomb on steams.

Yeah, sorry my bad, just poor wording. I mean merge itself is good but that poor “BR” system only worth mentioning because how bad it is in my opinion, it shall never be implemented

You conveniently ignored over 88 of different posters and most of them were negative or neutral. How smart. Just because there is one misinformed clown doesn’t mean the rest of the people are the same stop generalizing


Moving the goalposts and ad hominem :thinking:

Sorry I do not care about opinions of people who properly do not understand this game.
They’re just loud cluesless mob.
One of them thinks m2c was never used in wwii, second guy thinks mp40 is superior to stg45.
(I certainly wouldn’t want to play in the BR system made by them)
Honestly, I am quite glad people like that do notnloke thia idea/concept.
Sadly for them, they can’t review bomb anything. So their opinion is irrelevant.

He’s just a troll.
So simple, ignore him.

Not replying any of his comment is the best constructive way to this forum, and also saving your time.

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