Gold battles in Enlisted!

Now we just need to remove the cover from getting the extra Squad slots which are underneath premium


@Conscript_Joe I summon you and are you happy now it’s Christmas theme

I’m afraid you won’t be able to buy a slot with this gold alone. The first extra slot is 500 gold, not counting premium.



you ruined my dreams I was vaguely happy for once


And still have a heart


I have extra gold from BP imma buy a slot for Japs they are the only nation that I don’t have slots for

You can still get some gold from BP so this event gets you half way to a squad slot
110+490 cause you need to buy 1 premium first than pay for the slot.

They really need to remove that cover and I think I could have got it if I didn’t have to make two accounts so curse my Xbox for dying


This is very nice, and we get a research 50% discount, very nice, motherf*cker, i’m in!

I don’t understand why accounts aren’t shared across platforms in the first place?


It’s one of life’s greatest mysteries just like how Warframe is still struggling


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Man! Awesome rewards! I already have some gold left, but an extra amount is never a sad thing.
I guess Xmas is being amazing atm.

Nice, I appreciate this one!


Can we build Christmas trees to celebrate it?

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Yep with today’s update!


dam maybe i might have just enough to buy 1 old squad after all

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oh dam i got too excited and thought the event was today oh well i guess it fine being on tomorrow since we get the task reset so 3 bird with 1 shotgun slug i guess

If you buy premium and squad slots do you keep the slots when your premium runs out?

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Wow could be another reason to cancel any social plans this Christmas. I don’t see best BR Preset option in PS5 though, no update for PS as yet?

Hoping you fix, invisible plane, flickering tanks and bombs that seem to drop forever!