First combat use of the Type 97 anti-tank rifle

these events are here to keep the playerbase engaged.


Ok and? I don’t see the reason for forcing people to keep playing a select number of games when there could be a more creative challenge that can produce the same results.

because people would complain that ohh I dont have an AT rifle or I play BR5 all the time.
Besides, its just easier this way, tasks can be copy pasted.

also I forget tell it would be nice if they given to us a shielded or the grenade prototype of the rifle, this could been also a good event…



Ain’t no way

I guess they’ll have to get good at sniping in BR 5 if they want the rewards

I’m sad to say it, but this is the truth :pensive:


“Son you are the anti-tank mine”

-Japanese commander in some battle :sweat_smile:


Nice PFP, I guess you dislike Yugoslavia now, it was just a fad wasn’t it… :pensive:

“Balkans forever” tattooed on your back with a heart shape

I’m jk LOL

I agree, it’s a good PFP.


I hardly ever use grenades… I’ll have to turn into some “jihad” fighter and explode with them…


it simple just do what the jap did (ironic since im playing japan with that task on rn)

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Do you play as the allied soldiers most games? If I play as Axis, let’s play a game of hot potato masher :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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I don’t have a favourite faction (except my special Commonwealth lineup), but the idea is hilarious :smile:

tip, hold the grenade AND run screaming “YIPEEEEEEE” to them while you put triger out, you have 5 seconds for do the kaboom with them


“Aaaall right!” “Let’s gooooooo!” “Victory is ouBOOOOM”

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gud gud

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You clearly haven’t played the golden age of War Thunder - like events where you could play an indefinite amount of matches and still be missing the task because you almost managed to achieve a specific goal, but not there yet…

Tasks that can be completed for sure by playing normally are the best.

Nobody forces you to play those amount of matches.


Completely pointless event. You need to decide whether you’re going to push historical aspects of the game or just go generic with some sort of WWII overlay to your senseless BR system.

Only a new player would use 1 of these things when they unlocked it for a few games, particularly as you stupidly inserted a frikkin rocket launcher a mere 2 unlocks away which is relatively easy to push through to in just a couple of games. But I digress, since the rewards for this event aren’t even related or require the use of said ATR…

Don’t get me wrong, I love these events and I’m all for the historical aspects that these are wrapped around, but this particular one is just trolling the historically astute portion of your playerbase.