Commander's Pistol Wish List

Oh I know the C96 that’s from another DF game crsed

Btw that model is automatic

I would like to add this to the list.
I want American soldiers to have this. If there are Japanese soldiers who carry swords into battle, there should be Yankee’s who carry cowboy guns.


There’s a colt walker in the files but that’s also from crsed

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It means that in the not-too-distant future we will see the day when Samurai and cowboys face off in the Pacific Ocean.

It was hidden in Enlisted files (and used in some mods) for some time as well, later replaced with stocked version.
There were so called “M1930” C96 with 20 round mags that were made in semi-auto only mode.

I agree, but Japan has a fine selection of smaller pistols already. I would like to find something with a bit more punch, preferably a more unique gun.

There was a suggestion about a Navy double-barrel shotgun in a pistol configuration somewhere on forum.

This one I guess?

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For Germans I would like to see Dreyse model 1907 & 1910
Model 1907 is in editor
(Model 1907)
and For axis, I want to see Frommer M1910(Hungarian)
Glisenti Model 1910(Italy)
For Japan hino komuro m1908
For Americans Pre-war colt.22 automatic

For USSR Korovin TKB 160

And for UK Webley & scott 1910


Yes, I have seen about that flare gun. Some of those guns had triple barrels.
Type 90 3-Barreled Naval Flare Pistol

Each of the three barrels had a different colored flare and was used for a variety of purposes. I have heard that this pistol was also used to direct targets to naval bombers, so it would not be surprising if, for example, the Japanese naval land forces had one of these in their possession.

But it is a flare gun and I don’t know if it can be loaded with shotshells.
It would be interesting if it was a weapon that would more reliably burn a person it hit than a shotgun and then spread around like Molotov.
A direct hit would kill you instantly, but otherwise it would perform like a Molotov, with a load of 3 rounds and a long reload animation.

Well, a unique toy this elaborate should have a chance to be obtained over a long period of time, so it might be more suitable for gold orders than event giveaways.

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A pistol designed by Lieutenant Kumakura Hino of the Army and patented in 1903.
It has a blow-forward mechanism, which is rare in the world.
It is also called Komuro-pistol or Hino-Komuro-pistol because it was sold by Komuro Firearms in partnership with Mr. Komuro, an investor.
This gun was a fearsome gun, and once the barrel was cocked, there was no way to extract the bullet without firing it, and there was always the danger of an accidental firearm explosion. In fact, the designer, Hino, punched out his own left thumb. Later, he was shot from behind while operating another person’s gun and the bullet penetrated his abdomen. These are probably the only two times this gun has shot a person.
The gun was not adopted by the Japanese military, and Komuro planned to sell it in China, but that plan was never carried out.

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I now remember that 3 German Flare guns are also hidden in editor. They could use an incendiary shell, a HE shell, I suppose some shotgun shell could be made for them as well - you just need to balance a gunpowder charge to lower recoil. I also wouldn’t say no to a smoke shell, as long as it produces larger could compared to a smoke granade.

For Japan, I wonder - how many Chinese-made C96 in .45 ACP they’ve encountered?

I’d like to see some Spanish pistols. The Germans ordered a bunch of the Astra 400, and I’ve seen some things that suggest that they even used the Star P (I think is what it is called) that is basically a copy of the 1911.

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Italo Balbo’s Beretta

Sosso M1941
Sosso M1941 2
sosso M1941

Chrome Beretta

Brigata Nera Aldo Resega

I can’t find the Duke of Aosta’s Beretta (I didn’t save the photo, I’m an idiot) so here’s the Carcano of the Duke’s personal guards

Glisenti and Brixia (Brixia is the naval version)
I really like it aesthetically and I have one in resin


This would actually be a good idea for Darkflow. :smiley:
The game still doesn’t have many items related to the Italian army.

I’ve been thinking about making a thread on handguns for a while.
My choices for additional handguns would be as following:

Germans/Italians/general axis:
Glisentio M1910, Dreyse 1907, the volkssturm pistols as previously mentioned
Beretta 1915(the 9mm glisenti version, not the .32 version)
Swedish Husqvarna M/40/Finnish Lahti L-35
Mauser 1914 or 1934

Czech VZ38

Czech Vz24 or Vz27

Frommer M1912 Stop
Spanish Astra 400 or 600(Astra 400 but in 9mm para)
Astra 300
Unique Model 17 as well as the general Ruby and Ruby clone area of pistol
Mauser HSc

Femaru 37M
FN1910(also usable for allies)
Radom Vis 35(also usable for allies)

Bodeo 1889 and 1889 officer’s model
Sauer 38H
Sauer 1913

MAB Modele D(also usable for allies)
MAC Modele 1935S

SACM Modele 1935A


Woa! What a huge list!
I am surprised that there were so many pistols up to WW2 that have not appeared in the game!
It will be a good inspiration for developers.

Japanese pistols:
Japanese airmen used to use their money to buy western pistols, usually Ruby or Ruby-like pistols. A very popular pistol among Japanese(and Chinese, for that matter) soldiers was the Royal.

(I have no idea why the takedown lever is missing in this image)
Type 26

Possibly captured pistols, especially considering the Russians have access to C96s, like the Astra 900(C96 clone popular in China) or the Shanxi Type 17(.45 C96 clone), plus various other german or FN-made pistols gotten either through procurement orders or captured from SEA countries.

American/British/general western allies:
SAA, Walker, and Webley & Scott 1910 already mentioned
High Standard HDM, a .22 used by OSS/spy types

S&W Victory/Model 10
S&W Hand Ejector .455
.455 1911

Argentinian British Contract Ballester-Molina .45

Also, a gun I forgot to add for the general axis is the Norwegian m/1914 Kongsberg Colt, aka Pistole 657(n)
And the 9mm Spanish Star Model B


Astra 300 without gold

Colt walker



March 28th was the 101st anniversary of the Italian Air Force, it could have been a good occasion but instead we received the same 1911 that we have received at least three times already I think

I forgot to add this Beretta with extended magazine and long barrel (probably two magazines welded together)

I found the Duke of Aosta’s gun (even if it’s not the same one I was looking for he probably had another one) minute 4:20

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Mooore C96 / M712 Variants
Maybe a Karabiner Version…
I love this Gun and his modifications… even Star Wars have a Version of it…
Fastest Pistol ever ROF is near MG42 but no Finger is that fast…

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