Combat notes: Useful tips for engineers

Hi there,

I noticed you didn’t mention that building the rally closest to the point that the AI will naturally spawn on it.

So combining that with bad AI path finding…

Build rally over point and let the bots plummet to their deaths, while watching from a far because you have once again been matched with bad team mates.

This factor can make the game more enjoyable, despite losing the match.


x)) yeah the arrow when you build them :stuck_out_tongue:


Now I know!

Hopefully others will too. Situational awareness is a huge, if underrated advantage.


Well, now put this video into the engineer tutorial so every person will be aware of every engineer’s feature :smiley:
As a small bonus you probably could add some practice right after the theory(e.g. default patterns tutorial - put bags into the window frame and put barbed wire behind of it)
Or probably this would be a release feature :upside_down_face:


Idea for devs:

  • as ppl suggested, put the video in the tutorial. ALSO reward a simple 1000 silvers, to those watching it to the end.

1000 silver is not a lot, but still sweet for newcomers, and the video DOES help in playing better.


yea i remember when i used to watch a streamer use the tunnel in Tunusia for the first time and it surprise me that such a thing exist (i didnt memorize the map at the time so it surprise me) and many other thing

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GUYS! Do NOT I repeat DO NOT place sandbags within 5m of rally points. Squads spawn in on top of /in front of the rally so if you have sandbags in front your guys will spawn in view on top of the sandbags.

Your rally protection sandbags should be at least 10m out


Depends. If you build your rally behind a house or another wall, it won’t matter if ppl spawn on top (because of house cover) and make the rally harder to take out, as well as hidding better the AP mine put on it to prevent scum from using their own ap mines on it.


Nice video, I must be one of the few 20 percent who this phew! Keep up good work!

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Oh, my childhood :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I suppose sandbags protect rally points from random shrapnels, and make it harder for enemies to shoot it (they have to walk close in)? I wonder where the disadvantage of sandbags is.

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AI can get stuck in there —> Less bots for capzones —> You lose ----> slower grind.


It can give away the position of the rally, and slow down allies spawning on it.

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So they literally taught us to put tank traps indoors? well… cool.


Whoever makes these videos, from the funny little jokes to the photo edited soldiers making funny faces, or the Saw movie reference, the mortar man math scene and the Red/Blue pill reference…

All of these are hilarious and I really enjoy those in these types of videos. Really lightens the mood and atmosphere for new players who may feel intimidated or even veteran players who know all of the information but watch anyways because content.


Please forbid to put anti personnel mine directly on rally point

I like it, it protects against shrapnel. And also the enemy must mantle over the sandbags to see the rally instead of walking behind it and shooting it. You could use this to your benefit and place AP mine on your own point.


1 choose a good place (no stuck for bots, but hyde + Natural cover) in order to surprise the enemy

2 sandbag for better protection

3 ap mine on the rallye and around the rallye (better is on the path where the enemy will come to try to destroy the rallye)

4 ammo box next to the rallye for mortar’s squad and, if possible, Medic’s boxe

= good rallye