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Yes, but the dead zone is much larger than the vertical stabilizer. I overlay an image of where I can’t shoot onto the image where the rear gun is facing backward to draw that rectangular dead zone box.

This makes sense. Nobody will risk loosing a plane because engineers made the dead zone too smal. Better safe than sorry.

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Reasonable dead zone

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somehow i think that this would tear of the tail cause this is double MG. middle is distance between those 2 MG, not where they actually shoot.

btw think that inner circle in MG sights on first video shows where individual MG barrel is centered.

Then I’d say enlisted did it more correctly.

I tried the IL-10 rear gunner and the vertical stabilizer hitbox is also a cuboid that is larger than the rendered geometry, as opposed to having a slight taper at the top. This also mean that a near miss would could as a hit.

Hope they fix the hit box.

Brings back memories from Il-2 games, where 50% of mission failures were because I forgot and shot out my own tail.

You know, it would be hella funny if they implemented fire interruptors only in planes that had it, and the rest allowed to off yourself if you weren’t careful enough.


I play IL-2 Sturmovik 1946 with Special Aircraft Services mod to this day.

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