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So we’ll be forced into playing events if we want new content for Normandy?
I’m not quite sure I understand :pensive:


Those are timed events requiring ppl to log everyday and accumulate points. While on paper it’s good, it’s real bad for anyone with a semblance of life, unable to play everyday like a bum.


There will be a reworking of the progression into trees, not levels. there is no point in entering something now.


This is just nice. I strongly approve. However, older Premium squads without engineers MUST get engineers. They are a waste of Gold without them.

This is a very welcome change. However, Italy deserves it’s own unique AA gun. They have several suitable options.

This is just amazing. Full stop. I already loved Flamethrower squads. Now my love is even bigger.

Very Nice.

Thank you very much.

Very Sexy

Hell yeah.

So, I like playing various factions but the Italians are my favorite. You still haven’t fixed their terrible uniforms or given them customization options. This is getting old. As Japan and Germany will be separate when MM is merged so too should Italy be it’s own thing. They can do the same MM as the Germans (Tier and Map wise) but they should be their own unique and separate tree. It’s is eminently doable, especially now that you aren’t tied to tanks specific to North Africa. Italy has the P.40, the M15/42, and various M42 TD’s that would give them a deep and capable tree. Small arms are just as diverse as anyone as well.


Yes, Yes , Yes, Yes, Yes

yeah @1942786 some of us can’t play every day.

Also, the merger needs to happen SOON. This limbo is awful.


I’m happy with the changes and new AA, but I wanted TT para :sob:

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The Russian word “prokachka” can mean pumping (gas) or grinding/progressing (levels in a game).

In Enlisted it’s not “pumping” :wink:
Although I see this a lot with people using machine translation.

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Oh yeah. About the war thunder br conversion, I really hope you guys won’t consider the type 4 rifle to be the same br as the m2 carbine (should be equal to garand, which is based on).

Cause if you do… your attempt at equalizing sides will just fail, and we will keep seeing one sided battles just like now.

Pretty much why I max Japan now, to ditch it after the conversion.

Super nice! They took my suggestion for the update of the Fallschirmjäger uniforms! Thanks DF!

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Yeah but you guys didn’t even throw a bone to any of the other campaigns? no new uniform customization options or anything outside a GO?

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While disappointed in the lack of new levels in other campaigns, it does make a lot of sense so I’m not really worried about it. I’ll wait to complain until I see how the tech tree works out. as @Conte_Baracca mentioned, I’d really like to see some added love to the Italians as a separate faction, but just changing the flak guns is a big step forward.

Overall, I like a lot of what I’m seeing in this update and I see why it’s taking an hour to download. Wasn’t expecting that this morning when I hopped on to knock out some event objectives.

@1942786 will the optimization make playing the Pacific viable again? The wind update created a ton of lag on my machine so I haven’t played it since.

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RIP all the squads I decked out with type 99 rifles

4 months of waiting for no new levels/stuffs nor customisation for Tunisia? Why?


There is something to translate into Polish. The update is really big. However, I am looking forward to adding medics in other campaigns and increasing their role on the battlefield. Anyway, on the forum he proposed a solution to increase the usability of medics.

Finally Christmas.


Why not both as it used to be for a short time due to a “bug”?


In Normandy, I have all my troops equipped with M2 carbines.
If you know how to control a burst of 2~3 shots, you can shoot even a sniper at a considerable distance.
Furthermore, with the combination of AI’s auto-spam and recoil controlled PERK, you can get 10+ kills just by walking around. This is not an exaggeration or a joke.


Hi, what about Stuka Tailgunners on Tunisia and Moscow are they fixed in this update, hope so.

Thanks for new AA, looks like a lot of good changes there.

Little confused, is it possible to shoot down the paratrooper drop plane?