80th Anniversary of Normandy landings

So you not even going to do a little event? :cry:
for the 6/6/2024


Patience, Japanese event ends tomorrow which so nothing stops a D-Day event.


Yeah forget, that we ahead, is tomorrow for me :smile:
well 15 hours


Churchill AVRE!!

Just arriving in WT in a D-Day event, and its range would be fine for Enlisted!! :smiley:


Yeah I saw that on my youtube feed. Havent been on warthunder for a month or 2…but looks like Ill be updating it.

Soon comrades, be prepared С:
It’s not gonna big, but it will have nice prizes


I hope it is going to be at least armory event. :pleading_face::pleading_face::pray:


Nickel plated M911, Browning Hi-power, engraved Luger could definitely make a comeback.
Also Mp41(r) and Lanchester 50, but I feel like that this event won’t be as big as an armory event, next big event is probably rocket radio event squads.

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i did enquire about a little one :smile:

thanks for info :+1:

I still waiting for the other assaulter Engineers, weren’t all factions, meant to get them?

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Me too, but it has been a long time since we had last armory event. Big shame.

And I would definitely appreciate if Lanchaster 50 made comeback. :relieved:


Well, 80th anniversary is a huge thing even for people who aren’t from the west so DF might have prepared something nice, but it surely won’t be a long event.

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I hope so. I don’t want to experience another annoying bug just because they would release major update mid some event.

They didn’t do anything which related to 80 yo of Kursk battle, why they should do again something for Normandy landing?(they was go every year since 2021, when it was one of campaign, but now it isn’t)

Because Normandy campaign was always the most popular (in player count) campaign in pre-merge Enlisted. And by a lot.

Kurks doesn’t even have its own map in enlisted yet.

In sense of iconic Kursk battle is better.
In sense of past campaigns yea normandy better.

Cuz it would be another moscow

Well, it would be summer Moscow with summer uniforms.
And they could create Battle of Prokhorovka map. It’s well documented and people are familiar with it from different games.

So there’s potential.

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Yea and no.
This would be map for tanks and snipers lovers.